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Revolutionizing Return to Work

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Employee Requests Accommodation


Employee Receives EZ™ Fitness for Duty Form


EZ-ADA gives HR choices for that employee that are compliant with ADA

Automated Forms

EZ-ADA’s one-of-a-kind proprietary dataset of essential functions on each job and machine learning technology allows employers to issue unique fitness for duty forms and handle each employee in a specific but streamlined manner.



Contact EZ-ADA to see if you can improve your return to work process by speeding it up, making more compliant or smarter.

Problems that EZ-ADA solves:

  • Return employees to work faster

  • Comply with ADA and reduce liability risk

  • Avoid unnecessary costs of legal review

  • Reduce interactive process review time

  • Fill vacant positions with tactical job transfers

  • Remove manager bias from ADA decisions

HR Partners:

Contact EZ-ADA to see if you can improve your service/product by utilizing EZ-ADA and its proprietary dataset.

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